Gerba means freedom.

The freedom we take when we choose elegance, refinement, and art. Ten years of experience in the field has taught us that following fashions is an ephemeral trend: our identity is based on unchanging principles, firm over time. Our products are the result of an all-Italian manufacturing, we are present in more than 500 points of sale, and we boast a quality of materials very selected and cared for. Every stylistic choice is designed and drawn, inspired by the concepts of beauty. Our identity is rooted in Greek mythology: like Ulysses who chose to live his adventures, to enjoy every place where he landed, to try the flower of the magical island of Djerba, so we land in the infinite concepts of art, we choose to live the nuances of colors, the texture of each stone, the malleability of each metal. We choose to forget conventions, impositions, limits; and we make ourselves free to think, to create, to plan. We explore the wonder of each accessory, we enhance its potential, we match its colors, we observe people, their movements, their expressions, we draw energy and inspiration from every thought related to beauty and elegance and we pour them into jewelry, accessories, amulets.

Doing what you love is freedom. "To love what you do is to be happy."